Paolo Falco Rüegg


A minimal razor designed for sustainability

Industrial Design Sustainability

Air is a minimal razor. It features a clever cartridge change mechanism, which is engaged when its two sides are pressed together. The hinge unlocks and a new cartridge can be inserted. The simplicity of the mechanism is a step away from the overengineered products that fill the shelves of supermarkets nowadays. A simple product calls for a simple form, giving this design its elegance.

The brief for this project was to design a sustainable razor within a circular product service system. The aim for Air was to strip away as much material as possible without compromising functionality.

Air is made from brass, a beautiful material with excellent technical properties. It neither corrodes in a bathroom setting nor does it fatigue from changing the cartridges. With regards to sustainability, brass is widely recycled and could be sourced from industry offcuts. A Life Cycle Assessment revealed that the projected environmental impact of Air would be 80% lower (CO2 and embodied energy) than the benchmarked product (Shaveclub UK ‘Handlebar’).