Paolo Falco Rüegg

Gravity Sketch

Digital 3D creation for designers, artists, and makers alike

VR Software

I met Shey ( at the Queen Elisabeth Prize for Engineering awards, which Gravity Sketch was nominated for. One thing led to another and I joined the startup for a couple of weeks over summer, before starting my second year at university. Gravity Sketch is the first mixed reality 3D creation tool designed from the ground up for touch and gesture input. They are striving to make digital 3D creation easier for designers, artists, and makers alike.

I worked mainly on content creation for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, creating animations, clips and (video / VR) renders. Furthermore, I worked with their app for Vive and Oculus, which allows for an extremely immersive 3D creation experience. This was pretty early in my studies and I did not have the skills back then to work on the core functionality. Instead, I got some valuable insights into the field of VR, familiarised myself with Unity, and helped with launching the campaign.