Paolo Falco Rüegg


Ensuring night workers have access to fresh and healthy food

Experience Design UX Design User Research

Luna ensures that everybody has access to fresh food, regardless of what time their work starts. This design project revolved around the need for a more diverse food offering for night workers in London. Thanks to recent investments in services such as the night tube, London’s night economy is now estimated to be worth £26bn.

The service provides a platform that connects people and food vans. The core idea is that users bid for a food van to come to their area at whatever time they want to eat. The caterer sets a minimum number of orders and, as soon as this threshold is reached, signs up to deliver the meals in the specified slot. This voting system gives users a democratic choice over what food they want to eat, whilst ensuring that the caterer has financial certainty about how many meals can be sold. It supports both workers and consumers in hours where food availability is scarce and variety is low. A mobile application stands at the centre of the service proposal, allowing both consumers and providers to link up.

Luna aims to strengthen communities and local vendors in a socially responsible way. Revenue is generated through a fee-based model, where a percentage of every transaction is used to fund the service. Please see some interaction prototypes in the video above and the project report below.

This was a very pure, user-centred design project. There was almost no development apart from the interaction prototypes; instead, we did huge amounts of user research and tried to nail the service offering.