Paolo Falco Rüegg


Building the Mirror World

App Dev UX Front-End

Nomoko is a Zürich-based startup that is building the infrastructure for the fourth industrial revolution, which is all about connecting the physical and the digital worlds. The premise is that, in order to make digital applications interact with the world around us (e.g. using IoT or geospatial data), we need a physically accurate digital model of our environment. Nomoko is at the forefront of creating this digital twin by 3D-scanning cities with the use of drones and then using AI to segment the data into vegetation, roads, buildings and more. This enables us to offer the most complete digital representation of a city possible today. Nomoko aims to be both the data provider as well as create tools and products that rely on this data, which is where I come into play.

I joined Nomoko as a front-end engineer responsible for building applications on top of their city-scale, photogrammetric data sets. Currently, I am developing desktop (C#) and web (React.js) apps that allow customers from different fields to experience and gain value from our data. My projects focus both on generic web applications as well as prototypes for specific business cases such as sensor data simulation for the autonomous vehicle industry. I am also involved with market validation pipelines, which means making sure that the feedback we get from customers informs the specifications we use to design and build our future products. If you are interested in the company, you can find out more on our website here.