Paolo Falco Rüegg

OrBit by BitLabs

Turning your motion into musical expression

CEO Hardware Dev App Dev

OrBit is a motion-sensing device for musicians and performers. It bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by connecting you to your favourite digital effects and sounds. Reverb, delay, pitch harmonisers, vocoders, all controlled with your movements.

This product was developed as part of an accelerator-style enterprise development module. I pitched the business and led the team as CEO from idea to preparing a full funding campaign. Check it out here!

My resposibilities were project management, as well as hardware and software engineering. In order to make the physical product more appealing, I also built an app using React Native that uses the smartphone sensors to showcase some features of OrBit. The sensor data from the phone was then interfaced with the digital audio workstation, via a node.js backend. The GitHub repository is available here.

Please have a look at the Kickstarter campaign to see how awesome OrBit is. For all you lazy visitors, I have put a a lot of GIFs in the gallery below.